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Da Wikileaks Cable: 09MILAN214_a

Cable: 09MILAN214_a
1. (C) Summary: In meetings with local Vicenza politicians across the political spectrum, the general consensus was that the ugliest period of contentious and politically charged opposition to the U.S. army's Dal Molin base construction has passed. Their assessment is that most community residents are either favorable or indifferent to the project.

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I have been on the road from our placid Vicenza for the past three weeks...

ArticleImage Dear Students, I have been on the road from our placid Vicenza for the past three weeks. I can reccomend the deelights of blablacar, the Internets site where you can seek and offer lifts online.
It was a hot morning, and I had a bit of a hangover when I met Simon at Mestre station, and four of us set off towards Belgrade. In Triest we picked up a couple of teenagers from Bari, and dropped off a couple. The teenagers were en route to Zagreb for some strange card tournament, with little plastic cards. I couldn't honestly understand the mechanisms of it. Nice kids, with their sunny accents, enjoying the first part of their long summer holiday.

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